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What We Do

       We have years of expertise, different skill sets and techniques at our disposal.
Our goal is to return you to a full range of motion so that you can
get back to living a life of freedom and comfort.

Skin Care & Beauty

"We use certified organic products"

Sometimes life just get a little bit too hectic and demanding so it’s great to have some time out for a little bit of “me” time. We are here to give you some personal pampering with a varied range of options available.

We do facials, body scrubs, slimming programs and even the famous hot stone massage all using our special certified organic products
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What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is very similar to other manual therapies like Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic.

The only difference is the approach. 
It usually involves the comprehensive assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal disorders and conditions.

This is done to trace the presenting problem as far back as possible to deal with its original causation. 

We take advantage of different techniques being used in most manual therapies as well as a range of tools and equipments accessible to us. 

This ensures maximum assessment and a much higher rate of a successful treatment.

The Myotherapist then treats the body utilizing a broad range of techniques and equipment including rehabilitative exercises, stretching and electro-mechanical stimulations.
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Sports & Remedial

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Remedial Therapy stimulates the healing process leading to stabilization and an increased rate of recovery and lesser recuperation time.

It deals with chronic pains and motion restriction and also helps to prevent acute injuries such as muscle-ligament tears and damage. It also strives to enhance performance and flexibility especially for athletes and gym junkies.
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   Our therapists cater to people of all ages especially those that are suffering
from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain.
We also treat sports related sprain and strain injuries
as well as reoccurring body postural discomforts.
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 We provide home service within the Gold Coast for people who are unable to attend the clinic
because of injury or disability.

Our Programs
   From our wide range of therapies we design a specific plan so that
you can get the maximum benefit from your treatment sessions.
Pain Management
   Therapy that is designed to relieve and assist  in the recovery of patients who are suffering from acute or chronic back, muscle or joint pain.
    Pre and post-natal birth therapy prepares and relaxes the mother’s pelvis lessening the potential for damage during delivery and assists for a better recovery
after child birth.
   A series of scheduled ongoing treatments that helps steady the recovery and restore mobility after surgical procedures such as joint replacements, sports injuries or strokes.
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  1. Shoulder Degenaration
    Shoulder Degenaration
    Rotator cuff tear or swelling of the tendon
  2. Cervical & Degeneration
    Cervical & Degeneration
    Caused by a continuos strain to the muscles or bones which later causes an injury and then degeneration
  3. Osteoporosis
    Loss of bone density and form. This usually go unnoticed until a bone injury happens. Talk to us today and let us help you.
  4. Sciatic Nerve Pain
    Sciatic Nerve Pain
    It's a pinched nerve that is accompanied by sharp, shooting pain, numbness or tingling that runs down through the neck, lower back and or the leg.
  5. ITB Syndrome
    ITB Syndrome
    One of the most common known knee injuries, especially for runners. It's the inflammation of the illiotibial band around the knee area caused by too much repetitive knee exertion.
  6. Acute Hamstring Strains
    Acute Hamstring Strains
    Caused by sudden movements or force applied to the hamstring like especially without warm ups prior to he exercise which usually causes the strains or even tears. Usually affects those playing on rugby, soccer, basketball and etc.
  7. Inflammation on The Achilles Tendon
    Inflammation on The Achilles Tendon
    This is usually common to those that are involved in dancing, rugby, runners, etc. as well as those wearing high heels too often. If left unsupervised, it may lead to a more serious injury and of course, severe pain
The Common Problems
Any injuries that are left unresolved
can progress to chronic painful conditions such as Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia
Problems are usually provoked by improper body mechanical functions and reactions, such as sudden movements, mishandling heavy objects, habitual awkward stances and postures and aggressive physical activities such as intensive sports or even intense workouts. This leads to muscular dysfunction and increasing pain which then greatly restricts body movement and flexibility.