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Remedial | Myotherapy | Skin Care

Remedial & Myotherapy

With the combined techniques of Remedial & Myotherapy,
not only do we address the symptoms but we also get right down to the source
to give you the maximum result every time.
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Pain Management
Pregnancy Therapy
​    Therapy that is designed to relieve and assist  in the recovery of patients who are suffering from acute or chronic back, muscle or joint pain.    
    A series of scheduled ongoing treatments that helps steady the recovery and restore mobility after surgical procedures such as joint replacements, sports injuries or strokes.    
   ​Pre and post-natal birth therapy prepares and relaxes the mother’s pelvis lessening the potential for damage during delivery and assists for a better recovery after child birth.
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We also provide home services around gold coast for those who are physically unable
due to an injury or a disability

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Remedial | Myotherapy | Skin Care

  1. Joint and Muscle Management
    Be at the top of your game. Keep your muscles flexible to avoid the risk of muscle and ligament tear and damage.
  2. Chronic Pain Treatment
    For back ache, frozen shoulder, pinched nerves, arthritis, osteoporosis prevention & etc.
  3. Trigger Point Techniques
    Releases Muscle Tension
  4. Lymphatic Drainage
    Deals with fluid retention and helps to detoxify the body of waste developed in the lymphatic system. It’s a very gentle and relaxing way to assist the immune system’s capacity to fight infection.
Problems are usually provoked by improper body mechanical functions and reactions, such as sudden movements, mishandling heavy objects, habitual awkward stances and postures and aggressive physical activities such as intensive sports or even intense workouts. This leads to muscular dysfunction and increasing pain which then greatly restricts body movement and flexibility.
  1. Kinesiology
    holistic method which uses precision muscle feedback to access information about a person’s well being. Combining both Western techniques and Eastern wisdom it promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
  2. Dry Needling
    Directly targets the contracted myofascial knots present in the trigger points that maintain the body’s pain cycle. Unlike Chinese acupuncture Dry Needling is a western medical technique based on scientific studies.
  3. Dry Cupping
    Releases the tension and the pain that is built up in muscles and promotes muscle elasticity. As opposed to Wet Cupping, Dry cupping is a less intense alternative for tension and pressure release.